Victor Langlois is one of the world’s leading digital artists. Also known by his alias FEWOCiOUS, he has staged successful releases, including two trailblazing collaborations with RTFKT studios. In addition, he has also collaborated with Odius, Parrotism, and others. …

Bank vault with safety deposit boxes

What is Decentralized Finance, and why is it needed? Cryptocurrency’s promise is to make money and payments accessible– to anyone, no matter where they are in the world. The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or Open Finance movement takes that promise a step further.

Decentralized Finance aims to make financial services accessible…

Walmart. Largest retail store in the U.S

News has been making the rounds recently about Walmart, the largest retailer in the United States, going into partnership with Litecoin cryptocurrency. According to the news, Walmart was supposed to soon begin to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Walmart’s New Payment Options

The retail giant, Walmart is making moves to accept crypto as a means…

Offices of banking giants

Stablecoins represent tokenized versions of the government-backed currency. They are meant to trade at $1 per token. They are secure means of payment that provide liquidity and stability to cryptocurrency exchanges. Two leading stablecoins are USD Coin (USDC) and Binance USD (BUSD).

Massive earnings

Almost all crypto exchanges offer interest rates on…

As stablecoins approach mainstream adoption, regulatory bodies need to accept crypto as legal tender before we can call it a legitimate alternative to other electronic payments. …

Changing the source attribute of an image

The aim of the challenge is to change the source image

We start with Html and alter the image with Javascript

Attention turns to Layer 1

Open source blockchain networks such as Ethereum allow you to create an economic system in software. Ethereum was built with the assumption that there would be a need for many blockchains serving different purposes. And the blockchains would need to be interoperable.

Since the success story of Ethereum, a lot…

DeFi y las criptomonedas

Hace aproximadamente una década, Satoshi Nakamoto inventó el Bitcoin. Desde entonces, ha generado un universo paralelo de servicios financieros alternativos. Ha cambiado la definición de dinero. Las criptoempresas se han adentrado en el territorio de la banca tradicional.

Qué servicios alternativos ofrecen las empresas de criptomonedas?

En particular, ofrecen préstamos y empréstitos. Los inversores pueden acabar con los…

A lot has changed in the crypto world since this past week. Bitcoin is now officially a legal tender in El Salvador. Lawmakers in Ukraine’s parliament have approved legislation that would help clarify the legal status of Bitcoin. …

Abiodun Ajayi

Abiodun Ajayi has more than 6 years of experience in Security and IT architecture. He consults and helps form strategies, perform project feasibility studies.

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