Artificial Intelligence — How Companies Benefit from It

Relevant to every industry

Technology can profoundly transform every business in every industry. However, many organisations are currently focusing too much on complex AI projects and neglecting simple projects that could quickly bring returns. In most cases, engineers are the driving force behind AI investments because most other business units struggle to see the resulting opportunities.

Why use AI?

Importance of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables machine-assisted functionalities. This technology encourages machines to have autonomy. Because of this, iterative tasks are faster and more efficient. It enhances the creation of a new generation workplace where there is synergy between the system and individuals.

Reasons for using AI

There are many reasons for using AI. In addition to sales increases, this improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It also helps gain new insights and better analytics related to the business overall. The Dutch airline KLM uses an AI-assisted agent to improve customer service, which solves 30% of the support cases that arise.

For Organizations

AI allows organizations to build steps into processes that are usually not considered due to complexity or excessive costs. It also helps to address sentiment analysis or social network impact, anomaly detection, power consumption optimization, and logistics optimization.

New jobs for higher qualified employees

Based on a study, four out of five companies (83 percent) have created new jobs through artificial intelligence technologies. These are primarily jobs for experienced staff, two out of three positions are created in the management environment. In addition, more than 63 percent of companies that are implementing AI at scale said that AI is not eliminating any jobs.



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