Tommy Egan’s Top 10 Craziest Kills

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Tommy Egan stands out as Power’s ultimate executor. His impactful moments reshaped the story dramatically, setting off a chain reaction of chaos. His emotional killing spree set him apart from other trigger-happy characters. In this video, we’ll dive into Tommy’s top 10 craziest kills that left a lasting impact on the series.

Number 10: Bailey Markham

Markham first appears in the season 3 finale. He and Greg listen to a recording Greg got from Vibora Ruiz, his off-the-books confidential informant. On the recording, Tommy Egan confesses to doing the Felipe Lobos murder with Ghost, and they hear him kill Ruiz. Greg is excited about finally having evidence against Egan and Ghost, but Markham tells Greg the evidence is inadmissible.

In season 4, Markham gets called by Joe Proctor, Ghost’s attorney, about teaming up to clear Ghost’s and Greg’s name. Markham plays the Ruiz recording to Joe inside of Joe’s home. The beginning of the recording shows a confession by Tommy that he and Ghost killed Lobos. Markham then plays the rest of the recording where Tommy kills Ruiz. He then explains to Proctor that the recording would only be admissible in court if Ghost was to testify as a federal witness against Tommy. The recording never directly implicated James St. Patrick by name, only by Ghost.

Number 9: Vibora Ruiz

Carlos Vibora Ruiz was a former Primera in Ghost’s drug operation. He was told to leave New York by Ghost after he tells them that Lobos is going to kill them both, since they have both seen his face.

In season 3, FBI agent Greg Knox tracks down Ruiz and finds where he is hiding. Knox meets Ruiz at his place of employment. After leaving New York, Ruiz started working as a janitor in the kitchen. Knox lies to Ruiz and tells him Lobos’s men have found him and are coming to kill him and his family. Knox offers Ruiz a deal of immunity in exchange for testifying against Lobos. The deal is later called off after Lobos escapes from his prison convoy and is murdered by Ghost.

Knox later offers another deal to Ruiz to snitch on Ghost, which he accepts, and Ruiz becomes Knox’s off-the-books confidential informant. Ghost finds out and tells Ruiz to give the FBI a bigger catch than him. Ghost tells Ruiz to give up Serbian drug lord Milan to the FBI.

Ruiz meets with Milan and discusses business with him. Tommy learns from Tasha that Ghost has a plan to get rid of Milan using Ruiz. Tommy later fatally stabs Ruiz and gets Dre to help him dump the corpse in a stolen car.

Number 8: Tony Teresi

Tony Teresi was Tommy’s incarcerated father. He was serving a life sentence and was only released because he agreed to give information to the feds about Tommy and Ghost.

In season 5, Tommy learns from Vincent Ragni that the real reason Teresi got out of prison was by snitching on him and Ghost. At first, Tommy did not want to believe that Tony would betray him, but Vincent shows him proof and threatens to kill Tommy if he does not kill Teresi.

After picking up Tony, Tommy confronts him and asks him how he really got out of prison. Tony tries to explain, but Tommy dismisses him and drops him off at the hospital where Connie is at. A distraught Tommy drives Tony home from the hospital and Teresi tries to explain why he snitched, but couldn’t because he had bonded with Tommy. However, Tommy ends up killing him and dropping his body at his paternal grandparents’ grave.

Number 7: Holly Weaver

Perhaps one of the second most hated characters in Power, Holly Weaver was Tommy’s first love interest in the show.

In the episode “Help Me”, Tommy’s mother Kate comes to visit him and introduces her to Holly. Kate tells Holly about Tommy’s childhood, when he was being bullied for being the only white kid in the neighborhood, and that James beat up two boys that kept picking on him, which led to nobody messing with Tommy again.

After hearing this, this is how Holly wanted his friendship with Ghost back. He tells Holly that Dylan and the Koreans were the ones who shot at him, not Lobos, and that Ghost was the one who killed Dylan. Before Tommy goes and calls Ghost, Holly reveals that she hired the Jamaicans to kill Ghost, so that Lobos won’t come after them.

When Holly tells him that, he asks her to leave. Instead, she slaps him and argues back. He gets into a fight with Holly, kicking him in the groin, insulting him for his loyalty to James. This causes Tommy to strangle her, and because she kept running her mouth, she ended up dead. Her lifeless body falls to the floor, but Tommy can’t understand it and holds her body, hoping that she’s actually alive. Unknown to him, Holly was pregnant at the time of her death.

Number 6: Joe Proctor

Joe Proctor was Ghost’s and Tommy’s lawyer. His death was the most unfortunate, as he was extremely loyal to them both.

In season 6, Saxe demands Proctor to tell the truth, using Lindsay’s death as leverage, and have him sign a form as a witness to testify against James in Angela’s death. Proctor refuses to snitch on James, but tells Saxe that Tommy was the one who murdered Angela and that he confessed to him.

Later that day, Proctor asks James if he and his daughter can stay with him, because he is testifying against a former client and that client knows where he lives. James agrees and allows Proctor and Elisa Marie to stay at his penthouse.

Whilst everyone is out, Tommy, armed with a machine gun, confronts Joe Proctor about snitching on him and starts to shoot at him. Proctor shoots back at Tommy while trying to run away from him. Proctor eventually hides in Raina’s room and tries to barricade the door by moving the bed to the door.

Proctor calls his daughter to tell her to go to Uncle Benny’s house and that he’s not coming with her. Joe Proctor hangs up and Tommy breaks down the door, moves the bed, and basically shoots Proctor multiple times.

Number 5: Angela Valdez

Angela Valdez was a government attorney for the FBI and the lover of James St. Patrick. We really saw a transformation over the course of the five seasons, as she went from being a good prosecutor to a dirty prosecutor who started to hide incriminating evidence to help the St. Patricks' and Tommy Egan.

When she goes into Saxe’s office, Angela learns that Teresi is Tommy’s father and that he’s planning to snitch on Tommy and James. She sees pictures of Tony Teresi talking to Mak and Saxe and takes pictures of them. Angela rushes to Truth to tell James that the reason Tony got out of prison was to snitch on him and Tommy and show him proof. Angela tells James to make Tommy believe that his father is a snitch, so that he kills Teresi to prevent them from getting exposed for being involved in criminal activities, or they would all go to jail.

Tommy and Ghost’s friendship is destroyed when Tommy questions Vincent on how he got pictures of Teresi talking to the feds. Vincent reveals that Ghost came in and demanded him to tell Tommy that Teresi was a snitch and wanted him to kill his father. Outraged, he follows Ghost and Angela at their old high school. After they kissed, he fired his gun at Ghost, but Angela pushed him out of the way and ended up getting shot. Tommy leaves and is satisfied with what he has done.

Number 4: Maria Suarez

Maria and Miguel were kidnapped by Tommy and his crew, as Miguel shot Cruz, who stole their shipment. They were kidnapped and brought to Truth nightclub in the warehouse on Ghost’s first night of opening up. Ghost let Maria go and Miguel was shot dead.

After hearing Ghost’s voice on TV, she then went and spoke with Cooper Saxe and John Mak. Maria was explaining about what happened and told them that James St. Patrick was Ghost.

Ghost later found out that Maria was a witness and tracked her down. Instead of killing her, he paid her a lot of money to keep her mouth shut and offered her a second chance to walk away. Maria took the money but still wanted to testify against Ghost and put him in jail.

Proctor went to Tommy and told him her location in order to get rid of her. She was later tracked down and killed by Tommy, after he overheard her conversation with Cooper Saxe about testifying against him and Ghost.

Number 3: Poncho

Poncho was part of the Soldado Nation and was the right hand of Ruiz. He was often seen by his boss’s side. After Ruiz was killed, Poncho took over Soldado Nation.

In season 6, Poncho got into a heated argument with Tommy, following his crew’s difficulty with timely product shipment. Despite several warnings from Tommy telling Poncho to sit the [ __ ] down, Poncho still kept going. What really triggered Tommy was when Poncho said “You ain’t [ __ ] without Ghost”. Then you know what happens next. Tommy canceled Christmas on Poncho, therefore upgrading Poncho’s second in command to Nation leader.

Number 2: Raymond

At some unknown point in time, Raymond met Pink Sneakers and was hired by her to rob a shipment of drugs from Ghost’s crew. While Julio and Victor were trying to transport a shipment of drugs in a van, Raymond drove in front of them and parked his truck, forcing them to stop. He then got out quickly and held them at gunpoint with a shotgun. He made them exit the van and made them stand by a wall.

Tommy Egan snuck up behind him and put a gun to his head. Tommy made him drop the gun and took him to a secluded building. Raymond was beaten for information but refused to talk. Tommy resorted to extreme measures to make him talk. Tommy set different parts of Raymond’s body on fire and had Julio put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.

Raymond eventually broke and revealed he was hired by some woman, Pink Sneakers, and that her boss was someone she called Annabelle. Tommy suspected El Gordo of being Annabelle. Raymond died a while later due to his injuries, which Tommy and Julio didn’t notice.

Number 1: Vincent Ragni and his henchmen

Vincent Ragni was from the Italian mafia and his connection with Tommy Egan was through Tony Teresi, a capo in the Moscone crime family. Tommy’s and Vincent’s disagreement really intensified when Tommy killed Benny and kidnapped his niece Elisa Marie.

After Benny Savello went missing, Vincent Ragni ordered Dominic and another henchman to stand guard at Benny’s house to keep his niece and sister safe. Tommy Egan showed up at the house to steal a recording Benny’s family had, consisting of evidence against him.

Tommy snuck up on the first guard and took him hostage at gunpoint. Tommy ordered the guard to call out for Dominic. The guard warned him in Italian before Tommy threatened him and he called out for him in English. Dominic heard the warning and sent a text calling for backup. He saw the first guard being held at gunpoint and Tommy forced Dominic to disarm himself. After he put his gun down, Tommy shot and killed both of them.

After Vincent turned up to the house, he realized that his men were killed and Carl Savato blamed Vincent for all the bad things that had happened regarding his family due to his association with Tony Teresi and Tommy Egan. He told Vincent to deliver Tommy’s body to him.

Vincent was called by Tariq about Tommy’s location and he boxed him in with his gang. However, Tommy killed Vincent’s men before he proceeded to beat the mobster with his gun several times. Tommy told Vincent that this was for his father before killing him by pistol-whipping him to death.

So, let me know in the comment section, of all the people Tommy has killed, which one do you think is the craziest? Drop a comment below and watch out for new Power videos.



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